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Zero Waste bathroom natural

Bathroom zero-waste items

The bathroom we use every day is also the place to make the earth's pollution source, especially the daily use of toothpaste plastic hose and toothpaste, as well as body lotion and lip balm, etc.

For example, most people think that the more toothpaste they use, the cleaner they are, but professional dentists say that using too much toothpaste will swallow a lot of chemicals. The fresh, hand-made, natural SAVONS ZEBULLES solid toothpaste block uses natural ingredients and contains no preservatives, making people feel more comfortable in the era of chemical substances! Edible coconut oil, calcium carbonate cleans and whitens teeth; 100% vegan - 100% natural - no palm oil, very economical - brush twice per person per day for 6 months.

Natural plant natural ingredients, non-soap based, free of triclosan, diethylene glycol, abrasives, antacids, abrasives, chemical surfactants, fluorine, bleach, whitening agents and anti-allergic agents Additives. The whitening toothpaste contains ingredients for whitening agents, which is already a secret in the industry. The whitening method and whitening toothpaste of the dental clinic rely on bleach. At present, the whitening ingredients announced by whitening toothpaste have chemical components such as whitening agent, polishing agent and blue brightener. Hydrogen peroxide has certain damage to the teeth itself. The cold whitening and bleaching on the inside, the many ingredients contained in it are hydrogen peroxide, and the concentration is quite high. Some patients will react after use. They can't sleep at night, so they have been drooling. Of course, this can be recovered. . However, it is undeniable that hydrogen peroxide has a certain damage to the enamel layer on the tooth surface. This damage is irreversible in many cases. Ecoechange natural solid toothpaste block 100% organic nature & progress certification is completely harmless to the human body

The relative body balm that keeps the sweaty body dry and scented and the lip balm used daily. Ecoechange pursues environmentally friendly and harmless to the body.

Zero Waste bathroom natural

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