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For Ecoechange, for selection our product eco-substantial is very important, that's why we make our

trip to come visit those lovely produsers and to see in deep how did they processing their productions


Our soap products supplier Pascale is base in north Nice, south France, in this most beautiful region you could find how Pascale make effort for her soap, specially she fighting for use 100% NICE AOC OLIVE oil, which Ecoechange really appreaciate…. Why? simply use local material plus in Nice there's no that much provider, olive oil base in Nice is really a treasure, besides that, Pascale use mostly only 2 ingredient like coco oil and shea butter, voila, this make why her soap are so smooth and moisture for all skin, specially for sensitive skin.

We like to see how those people put lots passion for their product, and those for better planet and better for our health too, after review all those production, ecoEchange will work with our new products in order to make life more simple:

Organic biodegradable bandaids, Organic biodegradable facial cleaning bar and body moisture bar etc

Think about if we could have all those in our bath room instead of tons of plastic bottles?


And finally we would like to present our Beeswax wrapped maker, who also located in Nice, French Riviera area, Gauillame is a diver and he is really concern of plastic pollution in our ocean, which is the same in my case, he create a work shop, and collect Alpes wax, essential oil jojobas to make Beeswax wrapped 100% material local in Nice, and he is really good to make those wrapped very beautiful ones, so he created one for Ecoechange

This is how we worked, tried find substantial and eco friendly daily use stuff to fit our zero waste life,

Hope you will be like it.