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Living in pure nature is all about learning connections in your green space, you explored the native birds, invertebrates, trees, animal pests and pest plants living around your area, and you do have to respect as an ecosystem

Ecoechange had been luck to learn this method through a Guide called rucher-abelha, where in Alpes French Rivira area entre Saint Vallier de Thiey and ESCRAGNOLLES, the owner Julien Gaubert has been in this natural land in 2012 to develop ecosystem between wild bees and all different trees and flowers, he build a workshop to share his experience also show next generation for healthy green space ecosystems

The house and workshop where he lived is by nature power: solar panel , and water all gathering through the rain

As passing by the river where he lived by, the river called La Siagne, and you could see how water is clean and pure

The guild is to underplant a central element, such as a fruit or nut tree, with plants that are highly useful, multifunctional, and that might naturally be found growing together

The general idea is to take advantage of the benefits of plants to reduce cost, labor, and the need to import materials.

Create Fruit Tree Guilds That are Appropriately Sized is important

And it is like a human, you had to observing the growing of trees, if the trees branch go to higher, it is necessary to cut the core part, in order to make the trees more stable on the ground, and make trees stems could be grow in better structures, this needs time to observe, and pay attention to see where direction of leaf goes, it is kind of art actually

Julien explicated both grass and fruit trees have shallow roots, they can compete with one another for nutrients.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all recipe for planting fruit tree guilds, and it is important to research what plants would support the growth of the fruit tree at hand by finding out what nutrients the tree requires, and what pests and diseases the tree might be susceptible to.

We learned that In many parts of the country, green space ecosystems become threatened, damaged or lost due to increased human use. The loss and damage of ecosystems over time has caused many native animals and plants to become threatened or endangered.

Planting, creating habitat or controlling pests and weeds will increase biodiversity and attract more native animals (including birds, lizards and invertebrates) to your area, improving their chances of survival. Enhancing biodiversity will also improve the overall health, functioning and appearance of your local environment.

Finally we taste delicious lavender honey by Julien, which is also certificate natural & progres (100% organic), with this amazing taste, you could realize how much nature could give to you and how our humanity had been forgotten this origin favor

take the next steps and form an action is very important now, get touch in nature and use less plastics, you could get your first step just so easy