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It's getting like summer now in Grass, in the French Riviera region

What about we like to settle down here, it's besides of their medieval streets, whiffing the scents of its famous parfumeries, enjoying the atmosphere of small town France

Essence of parfume

When the essence of jasmine, may roses, and lavender are becoming a little too much, then it’s a sign that you should take the opportunity to wander around the picture postcard streets of Grasse. In comparison to some places in the south of France, Grasse’s old town is a little shabby in parts, but this simply adds to its charm.

The most beautiful medieval provence style house always up to the hill, afterwards, stroll to the little patch of grass with deckchairs at Traverse St Martin to relax in the shade (there was a great little coffee truck there when we visited), and then enjoy the view over the rooftops of old and new Grasse from the viewpoint opposite.

Medieval streets

As ever in any small historic centre in an old European town, the most fun is to simply get lost and see where you end up. Rue Jean Ossola is the main artery of the old town, from which various alleys and stairways lead off, but walk from Place Aux Aires down the sloping Rue Amiral de Grasse. It's also difficult to avoid indulging in a little retail therapy at the quirky artisan shops, antique dealers, and clothes stores.

Every year some two million tourists arrive from all over the world to visit the perfume museum, perfume factories and perfume shops.

That's the place inspire us to make zero waste which provide the basci scence material for our Nice artisanal soap

Next time make a trip to here, we are sure you will absolute get inspired.