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To absorb the iron and promote the health of the skin and bones, we must take the freshest petals, because by drying they lose more than 40% of vitamin C.

Rose tea: an exquisite sweetness scented with satin freshness.

A hot drink that not only makes all tea lovers happy, but also contains many properties!

The incredible properties of rose tea

Consuming rose tea regularly allows you to first detoxify your body, because tea acts on the liver and gall while cleaning them.
It activates mechanisms diuretics that will allow you to regulate perfectly your water retention.
Obviously, a single cup of tea is not enough to obtain all these benefits. It must be consumed regularly so that the remedy really works.
So you can start now to prepare a hot cup of tea rose to enjoy quietly or in good company!
Rose petals have many health benefits, such as high vitamin C.
According to the US Food and Drug Administration, the button, petals and stem of roses have a high concentration of vitamin C, especially when they are raw.
Indeed, they can lose between 45 and 60% of their vitamin C content if they are dried.
It is therefore recommended to use fresh petals for our recipe, to make the most of their vitamin C.
This substance is vital for the immune system and for keeping skin and bones healthy. It also helps absorb iron.

Other benefits

Rose tea also has another interesting property: its levels of antioxidants, and especially the polyphenols called catechins.
Antioxidants help protect the body from the dangers of radicals These components can not only prevent the damage of free radicals, but also kill cancer cells without damaging the surrounding healthy cells! A remarkable property that makes you feel good inside and out and stay young. Hence the expression "Fresh as a rose"!
The rose tea also helps relieve the pain caused by menstruation.
It is also effective against all types of respiratory problems caused by the flu and colds.
Finally, rose tea also acts on the nervous system. Because regular consumption helps to get rid of insomnia and fatigue. This drink helps us to regain our strength after a long day of work!

The rose tea recipe


5 or 6 clean rose petals for a cup. (These must be petals not treated with pesticides or toxic products, and it is better to use fresh petals to retain all their properties.)
From honey or stevia if we want to sweeten the tea.


The rose tea is very easy to prepare. Simply add the petals to the boiling water and let the mixture sit for 5 to 10 minutes. You can then filter everything and add some honey or stevia to your taste.

So you have no excuse not to add tea to the rose to your daily life!

This is a simple little pleasure and a very easy but millenary recipe that will bring you multiple benefits. For example, you can enjoy this hot drink in the afternoon, to combat fatigue and give you a delicately scented break.