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Product Shipping Logistics - Ecoechange

We sent your order time

Prepare and send packages on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
Not sent on weekends and holidays.

Geographical area

Online sales of products displayed on this website provide shipping services to customers residing in this area:

  • In the French metropolis
  • In EU countries
  • Europe but not EU countries
  • in Asiana
  • in North America

Online sales of products displayed on this site also apply to customers who live in Department and Overseas (DOM / TOM) and International but out for this area, customers must send an email to Send an estimate to the country and related products in advance at


In the process of sustainable development and waste reduction, we strive to reduce the amount of waste generated during packaging preparation and transportation. To do so, we use biodegradable or recyclable products.


Carton: We use the good used carton used as much as possible. If this is not possible, we will use new cartons to recycle at least 70% and 100% recyclable

Close carton tape: Our adhesive 100% recyclable kraft paper. It will be recycled with your cardboard and there is no need to strip the adhesive before putting it into a recyclable bin.

Package protection paper: Our packaging protection paper can be recycled and reused.

Home delivery

All products are delivered to the international delivery service via French Post Colissimo

International delivery can be completed within 5-14 business days via Colissimo. These deadlines are based on any delays in the carrier's organization. We are unable to bear the relevant delays. We are shipping you according to the weight of your parcel. The shipping quote is 100% based on the French postal shipping price. You can find the effective rate below:

taux d'expédition

It is recommended to increase the weight of the order to 3 kg in order to reduce CO2

Find your logistics order

Connect to via the French post office Colissimo and fill in the shipping package number that you communicate with you via Ecoechange email when you place your order.