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What does Ecoechange about?

Eco means “no harm to the environment and the body” in the language. The name ecoechange is to promote the concept of zero waste and environmentally friendly products in daily life.

What is the founding philosophy of Ecoechange?

Ecoechange was founded on the work of the organic industry in South France. We hope to reduce the damage to the earth. The organics that work in large organic industry companies can't mass produce, even if they are labeled with organic labels. There will still be 10% or 5% damage to the environment, because these products will look good or chemical, or use plastic packaging for environmental damage, but there are still a group in the mountains or villages. Traditionally, the implementation of 100% organic daily necessities, these people's silent production is harmless to the environment and the human body. We insist on using ancient time to create these products, so we decided to let these products slowly show you, products and accessories. With a zero plastic lifestyle, it is durable, reusable and can be discarded by composting. A zero-waste lifestyle and reduce our rubbish, the ocean is suffocated by environmental damage. The site is designed to respond to these questions and hopes that everyone can find solutions to protect the planet, protect their health and save money with new habits and new lifestyles.

Product Selection Criteria

  1. Materials that make up the product: We prefer sustainable materials such as wood, bamboo, glass, stainless steel (18/10 stainless steel or 18/8 US equivalent) and fabric (ecologically or in a responsible and fair manner). We refuse to use plastic and bisphenol A: no BPA.
  2. Reuse: Our products can be cleaned and reused, biodegradable in compost, and recyclable. We strive to select quality products that are durable and long-term.
  3. Packaging: Reject petrochemical plastic packaging. If this is not possible, especially for hygienic reasons, we will try our best to choose the packaged product in the most sustainable way: cardboard or coffee paper, biodegradable plant plastic or paper towel
  4. Manufacturer: We strive to choose products made in France. The carefully selected products meet the most stringent organic certification in France, 100% organic ㄧNature & Progrès label.
  5. Manufacturing conditions: Whether in France or abroad, we are very sensitive and concerned about the working environment of people. We offer products that are responsible for manufacturing, respecting people and the planet.