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Don’t be afraid to start your zero trash life easily

When you hear the so-called zero garbage life, the general reaction is: ㄤHow does this live?

Don't worry, this is a life attitude, not to judge, and no one will score for you. Performing zero garbage life is actually a simple idea: How do I reduce the pollution of plastics and then use the earth, It’s as simple as a product that doesn’t hurt your body!!

Doing a habit of completing one is your contribution to the earth, and it is also the protection of your body, so take it slowly, because the concept of zero garbage life is also an attitude of slowly experiencing life, how to start my Zero garbage life? Basic: It is from my daily life

The following are the most common parts of everyone

  • 1. Bring your own shopping bag is basic: Use a cotton bag to hold vegetables and fruits, you can eliminate the plastic bags produced during the grocery shopping process. The breathability of cotton cloth is also very suitable for preserving fruits and vegetables. Going home directly into the refrigerator, you don't have to worry about the rotting of leaves in plastic bags, and you are determined to refuse the store or the market for plastic bags, because once you get it, you will get used to it again. And take less, you will find that the useless plastic bags in your home will be reduced, so you will unconsciously develop alternatives to other alternative plastic bags

  • 2. Bathroom products can be replaced by non-chemical products: Bathroom products are also the place to manufacture many plastic products and waste water. Every day, bottles and cans are discarded. 90% of these bottles and cans are safely recovered without your imagination. In fact, most of them ran to the sea, even buried in the soil to cause soil pollution. It is the easiest to solve this problem. Buy handmade natural soap to replace these bottles and jars, use manual shampoo, hand-made Toothpaste, handmade natural body balm, can be replaced by natural shaving soap. In addition, the use of reusable cotton pads can not only reduce a large amount of plastic waste, but also reduce the pollution of river water, because the natural handmade soap is 100% natural. Compared to chemical products on the market
  • 3. Kitchen hand tools remove disposable products: Kitchens are often used to make a lot of garbage, such as dishwashing cloths for daily dishwashing. It is often a waste to wash dishes for a while. This is actually a waste. Use zero-waste reuse of dish cloth instead of garbage, accessories are made of organic natural fiber, can be composted at the end of its life, and the plastic wrap used every day can be replaced with beeswax cloth, beeswax cloth can be fresh food or natural Decomposition, beeswax cloth is a natural cling film made of beeswax and cotton woven fabric, which can not only be reused, but also allows the food to breathe naturally and maintain the true taste of the food. Store food in glass jars and use natural cleaners so you don't have to buy all kinds of plastic bottle cleaners. Common items in the home such as white vinegar, baking soda and lemon are safe and effective cleansers. Or use multi-purpose universal cleaning soap
  • 4. Try to avoid bulk packaging when you go to the market: If you want to go to the supermarket, bring a shopping list. This way you have a lower chance of shopping and reducing waste (avoiding wasted packaging and money). Buy large portions of ingredients and choose less packaged items. Buy dry goods such as rice, pasta, cooking oil and beans that can be stored for a long time, which can reduce packaging waste. Choose less packaged items such as bananas and pack less than potato chips. This not only eats healthier, but also avoids waste.
  • 5. Relax and slow down: This is one of the ways you can reduce your waste. Only by slowing down can you notice the surrounding environment, the beauty of nature, and the holiday can begin. Try to make your own snacks, such as Yogurt desserts, taste your own handmade products, and then you can experience the natural flavors, so you can let yourself fall in love with your own hands, naturally reducing unnecessary waste of money and garbage. >

Easily start your zero-waste life, and you will find life that has amazing benefits. "Not only is it healthy, but it saves you money and saves money!"

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