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Ecoechange first stop in Taipei

Visited an import and export company that has been doing organic products for 30 years

Because of experience

They quickly point out that this is a good product

But the shortcomings of the marketing side

For example, the package is incomplete

Or a place where Taiwan’s climate must improve

Also puts a good idea

To make a soap bag and take a bath

You can also attach a lanyard to let the soap dry.

It’s a good idea

The second home is in a non-packaged store

This unpackaged industrial style

Very good looking shop

The door is written at the door

Can you imagine a world without trash?

Meals that also serve organic local ingredients

This is a good idea

Ecoechange has a lot of inspiration here

The third is Taiwan's online organic product monopoly

The founder is a very young girl

Because it is a victim of industrial products that are sensitive to the skin

So start looking for good products

He proposes products that can be developed for sensitive skin problems

ecoechange also feels very good advice

The fourth is an old organic store

Importing organic products from Europe for many years

Very interested in the concept of zero obsolescence

Even a nearly one kilogram of whole soap is asked to let consumers cut the amount they want to buy

This should be a very innovative idea in Taiwan

The last is to translate the author of zero waste

I am a Chinese medicine practitioner

very environmentally friendly

So start a zero-abandon life

There are speech ideas everywhere

I am very happy that she is willing to buy ecoechange products

We are still accumulating all the experience to make the product better

Please give us a lot of comments

Let's work hard with the Earth's life.

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