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Dream soap


Sold separately, packed in organically decomposed coffee paper.

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Applicable: Suitable for sensitive skin. It can be used by adults and children!

Product introduction

Natural plant natural ingredients, non-soap based, free of chemical additives such as sputum, paraffin, curing agent, hair styling agent, foaming agent, synthetic surfactant pigment, environmental hormone, flavor, preservative.

The olive oil in the soap is from Nice Olive Oil

Product Features

The whole series of handmade soaps are all tested by France's strict Saponification à froid (cold soap) standard test, which is produced according to the ancient method of South France.

Cold soap means that the manufacturing process will be maintained between 40-50 degrees. The soap body naturally produces glycerin during the manufacturing process, and it is not easy to volatilize the active ingredients of its natural essential oils. Fragrance. Therefore, the saponification time is long, and the soap can be formed after about 45 days, and the cost is high.


Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Orange, Ylang-Yellow, Geranium, Rosewood Essential Oil


For body, face, hand

You could also make your own hand gel and shower gel by this soap


Place it in a cool place indoors. Keep it dry and avoid direct sunlight. If it is caused by moisture or white crystals, please use it with ease.

Precautions Please keep out of reach of children. If there is any discomfort in the skin during use, please stop using it.

(natural plant hand-made, shape, color, smell slightly different, does not affect the quality of soap) ※ Product image color will be slightly different due to computer screen settings

[weight]: 90±10g

[Place of Origin]: France

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有柳橙的清香皮膚洗後觸感不錯<br /> 不過好像會消耗的很快

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Use for body and facial wash

We started use it for body and facial clean, so far so good, shipment was quickly, just soap reduced bit fast

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Nice perfect

We got delivery very quickly, and the smell is very nature which is really we wanted

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