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Yilan & Orange Shampoo (dry haire)


Sold separately, packed in organically decomposed coffee paper.

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Applicable: Neutral scalp (for general scalp) Adults and children can use it!

Product introduction

Pure plant natural ingredients, non-soap base, free of chemical additives such as quercetin, paraffin, curing agent, hair styling agent, foaming agent, synthetic surfactant pigment, environmental hormone, essence, preservative.

Product Features

1. Formulated for oily scalp

2. Deep conditioning, nourish hair, strong hair roots, rich hair. Contains natural moisturizing factors to make the slender hair stronger and make the hair fluffy and rich. Keep your scalp healthy and promote the activation of hair roots. Restores the hair cycle to normal, rebuilding the healthiest hair environment. Start the scalp health key = live hair reproduction! Conditioning, nourishing, healthy, gestating, energizing, strengthening, revitalizing!


Olive Oil,Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Ylang Ylang & Orange essential oil


1. After thoroughly dampening the hair with warm water, apply soap to the hair and circle it (put it into a blister bag to help foam), please be sure to foam fully

2. Just wash your hair more sturdy, dry your hair, don't comb it, blow it dry, then use your fingers to gently open it and blow it dry. After 2-3 weeks in a row, the hair will become smooth and fine.


Place it in a cool place indoors. Keep it dry and avoid direct sunlight. If it is caused by moisture or white crystals, please use it with ease.

Precautions Please keep out of reach of children. If there is any discomfort in the skin during use, please stop using it.

(natural plant hand-made, shape, color, smell slightly different, does not affect the quality of soap) ※ Product image color will vary slightly depending on the computer screen settings.

[weight]: 90±10g

[Place of Origin]: France

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